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We offer much more than the average interpreting service. Here are our plus points:

The chef does the cooking
We are not an agency, and definitely not a simple intermediary with no experience of interpreting. Your project will be managed by a professional with many years' personal experience as a conference interpreter: from the quotation all the way through to the final event.

Individual advice and tailor-made offers
We recognise communication needs differ from event to event, so we avoid off-the-peg quotations. We prefer to discuss exactly what you really need and then give you a tailor-made quotation - without any obligation.

We will separate the chaff from the wheat
The title "interpreter" is not protected: anyone can call himself or herself an "interpreter". This means the quality of the services you will find on the market varies widely. Our team members are all professional, university-trained interpreters. We are also aware that cost-efficiency is an important consideration: wherever possible we use interpreters in the vicinity of your event.

Vincent van Gogh
The Thresher (1889)

Modern interpreting booths with qualified technical operators
The interpreting booths provided by our technical partners are of first-class quality. They feature state-of-the-art equipment and conform to the relevant DIN/ISO standards. All equipment and microphones are handled by a qualified conference technician from start to finish. When you work with us, you will not find yourself landed with poorly trained technicians or, worse, no technician at all.


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